Lost City Music Festival @Bright Red Studios Aug 10-11



We are so excited that our friends at Mine all Mine records chose us to host 2 days of shows for their annual Lost City Music Festival. 

Saturday August 10 at Bright Red Studios

5:00 PM – SiLas Be w/ Pakapaka Lightshow (MADISON)
5:45 PM – Bill Villain [Ambient Set] (MADISON)
6:30 PM – Gregory Taylor (MADISON)
7:15 PM – John Praw & the North American Council for a Moonless Tomorrow (MADISON)
8:45 PM – Sisters Three [DB Pedersen + Brothers Grimm] (MADISON)
9:30 PM – Weather Duo (MADISON)
10:15 PM – Chants (MADISON)

Sunday Augusts 11 at Bright Red Studios

7:00 PM – Snouts (MADISON)
8:00 PM – Landmarks (CHICAGO)
9:00 PM – El-Tin Fun (MADISON)
10:00 PM – Awkward Terrible (MILWAUKEE)
11:00 PM – Owls, Foxes and Sebastian (MADISON)

The festival is going on all over Madison from August 8-11, check out the rest of the schedule here so you can make sure to see all of you favorite acts! and connect with them on Facebook for updates!


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