(Madison) in Flux – Recent works by Victor Castro


Bright Red Studios & USgathering presents:

(Madison) in Flux

Recent works by Victor Castro

Saturday 26 of October from 11:00 am to 11pm

* Bright Red Studios * 9 N. Ingersoll * Madison WI *

(Madison) in Flux features the first year of works developed in the city of Madison, Wisconsin by Mexican sculptor Victor Castro. This exposition will showcase his first sculptural developments with “native” materials. Most of the materials were collected with the assistance of the local population via the USgathering Project. The event will be held Saturday October 26th from 11:00am to 11:00pm.

In addition to a new series of abstract pieces that utilize two thematic elements, chrome structures and fabric belts, the artist will also present a selection of works on paper, and a group of sculptures made from materials like Tetra Packs and PET plastic, among other gathered materials.

Castro relocated to Madison in July of 2012. He immediately began collecting materials to create pieces with his self­developed techniques that utilize everyday objects. Castro repurposes objects that we discard, in “a kind of eternal ritual,” as trash, or at best, as recyclable matter. From the plastic bottle caps that are Castro’s bronze, to the used Tetra Pack boxes that are his gold, almost anything could be the “basic ingredient” for a sculptural piece or a large­scale project. USgathering is the vehicle of support that enables the realization of these social sculptures.

USgathering Project

USgathering is the base network for all of Castro’s projects in which asks for inorganic materials and invites people to participate in the collection process for the materials utilized; he has recently been awarded a 2013 Art in Public Places Grant for a large ­scale project in alliance with the Madison Public Library and the City of Madison. Details will be announced shortly. (Madison) in Flux is an exclusive opportunity to learn more about USgathering and how to become a part of collecting materials for this project. Don’t miss this one day art event featuring extra activities like:

1) A family workshop and a Q&A exclusive for all the kids in attendance (12:00pm­1:00pm)

2) A video presentation highlighting Castro’s previous works and processes that represent his body of work over the last decade in Spain, Mexico and Peru (3:00pm)

3) Jazz and good vibes provided by Willlian Z. Villan & Co. (6:00pm)


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