Gum:Drop presents Joseph O’seph, Flowpoetry and Art Club Band


Joseph O’seph, Flowpoetry
& Art Band Club

Saturday Nov. 23rd * $7 cover * doors at 8pm

Joseph O’seph is part folk singer- part avant-garde performance art, whole transcendence. Being one of the most underrated songwriters in the Midwest, O’seph has released albums on the 54 AM as well as Gumdrop Records. He’s toured the region frequently, and resided in the Midwest hubs of Detroit and Chicago. He now lives in the northern part of the lower peninsula, providing a sound and lyrical content that is filled with cold-chilled realism and heart warming ideas.

Flowpoetry is a poet who has bridged the gap between poetry and music. He has appeared publicly over 900 times in the USA with Rock and Roll bands, Jazz musicians, and as a solo spoken word performer. He was a finalist for the MNSWA International/National Performer of the year. His current projects include Venice Gas House Trolley (Jam Rock with Spoken Word Poetry) and Rock and Fire Flowpoetry (solo spoken word with vocal effects and loops).

Art Club Band consists of 3 core members: Lucy Tollefson, Emily Cefalu, and Tom Schriner-Schmitt, with other contributors from Art Club. Art Club was founded in 2011 by band leader Lucy Tollefson and school mates from LaFollete High School in Madison. Art Club is a place where local artists get together to share their recent art of all kinds; paintings, drawings, poems, etc and share ideas and inspiration with each other. The Art Club Band allows members of Art Club to join in a song or two as well as help promote the artists in the group by having them design things like shirts, album art, and other merch. The goal with Art Club and the Art Club Band is to encourage a community of artists who support each other as opposed to having competition amongst one another, which is sadly becoming more common in the arts.

Hope to see your shining faces!


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