William Z. Villian 2014 March Tour Kick off @ BRS



Join us for an evening of music & merriment as we send off our good friend William Z. Villian on his 2014 March tour with a kick-off concert at BRS Wednesday March 5th @ 8 pm. $5

William Z. Villain is hitting the road for most of March, 2014. He will be playing living rooms, basements, little venues all over the eastern half of the U.S. of A! Come down to Bright Red Studios to see some delicious live music to celebrate the beginning of such a long and silly trip!

Also performing:

LOUKA — Madison’s biggest, deadliest guitar monster and songwriting powerhouse Louka will deep-tissue massage your musical soul with songs like this: http://thefingers3.bandcamp.com/track/a-room-in-the-desert-160-bpm

SPENCER BIBLE –When he’s not slip-sliding across the nation on tour with Big Waves of Pretty and others, Spencer Bible plays wonderful acoustic arrangements in rare instances like this event.

Show starts at 8:00pm and ends around 10:30pm
$5.00 admission

**Check www.williamzvillain.com for tour dates and tell your friends about shows in their area!**

For full details check out the Facebook event page.


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