“Unlisted” an Off-Gallery Night Exhibition.

Her First Kill_559x768_300dpi

Bright Red Studios
is proud to announce our line up of amazing artists for our upcoming show

Unlisted: an Off-Gallery Night Exhibition.
After a marked lack of support by MMoCA last fall when we officially listed as gallery for gallery night, this time we’ve decided that instead of officially listing our show, our money is better spent on more refreshments & hors d’oeuvres for our unofficial gallery night event Unlisted.

Reception with the Artists on Friday May 2nd from 5-11pm.

We will be showcasing work by Madison area artists:

Elizabeth K. Winters, Jessica Doing, Samuel D. Johnson, Lumen Electronic Jewelry, Ashlie Brophy, Evan Bradburry, Terrence Adeyanju, Benjamin Marheine, Sarina Benford, and Norah Perry.  With music provided by Holly Sheboyagn! &  Mike Noyce from 8-11pm.

Gallery hours are Friday, Saturday & Sunday (May 2-4th) from 12-5.
Additional viewing times are available by appointment.

For more information check out our Facebook event here.

Image credit: Her First Kill’ by Jessica Doing

About the Artists:

Elizabeth K. Winters creates pen and ink drawings that examine the interplay between people and furniture. In addition to her art making, she has taught school and community art programs in Wisconsin and Texas, and was a member of the development team at the San Antonio Museum of Art.  Winters received a BA degree in art education from Viterbo University in LaCrosse and a MA degree in art education and museum studies from University of Texas at Austin.  She currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin.

 Sarina Benford, local Madison native, expressions through ink and charcoal. Upcoming set pieces include female cartoonism, mixed doodles and sketches.  Full time mom and art advocate. Inspired by Rik Lee for her current set, loves to express beauty through art.

Jessica Doing’s current work explores ethical tensions between humans and non-human animals, questioning the artificial boundaries that societies construct to exclude and exploit the non-human animal. Assembled images in various media and contexts form a critique of speciesist industries as unchallenged cultural practices. This framework is used to encourage an understanding of what it means to be “non” in a human dominated world. Doing lives and works in Madison with her creative partner, Max Puchalsky.

Samuel D. Johnson’s artwork is a mixture of screen printing, collage, painting and graffiti. Inspired by artists such as Andy Warhol, poster makers like Frank Kozik as well as Asian art and the street art of Brazil, SDJ creates beautiful attention-grabbing pieces on wood and paper. Drawing heavily from vintage Americana as well as modern Pop Culture, SDJ’s work is, at the same time, both currently relevant and reminiscent of an era past. Originally from the Madison area, SDJ has shown his work in Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, Miami, Rio De Janeiro & Buzios, Brazil to name a few.

Lumen Electronic Jewelry is the mad scientist project of siblings and fourth generation Mechanical Engineers Robin and Marty Lawson.  They custom design the guts of circuit boards to make distinctively awesome designs showcasing the uniquely beautiful and strangely organic soul of technology.   Each piece has LED lights connected to solar cells.  So the jewelry charges up and blinks in an ever-so-captivating manner, all without batteries. It is interactive fashion that blurs the line between science and art.

Ashlie Brophy is a surrealist artist who primarily focuses on etching, drawing, and painting.

Her work strives to create a compelling story through ambiguous narratives riddled with uncanny and uneasy elements. She grew up in the northwoods of Wisconsin and just recently finished her BFA at UW-Madison. For more info visit www.AshlieBrophy.com.

About the Musicians:

“Holy Sheboygan! Is a band of scavengers. Navigating through back alleys of musical sound, they borrow Melodies from a wide array of genres, tape-recorded noise from their everyday lives, and Percussion from the abundant dumpsters of the fox valley. They can be described as nothing other than garbage folk.”

“Wisconsin native Mike Noyce will be playing his own tunes, on this fine evening, alongside a keyboardist and trombonist. A true sonic delight is in store for all those who attend.”


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