Wide Open – a Collective Show Curated by Artist Libby Rosa

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Bright Red Studios is proud to announce our upcoming show

Wide Open – a Collective Show Curated by Artist Libby Rosa

featuring local Madison Artists
Gerit Grimm, Diana Cavallero, Aaron Granat, Rae Drapcho, Felice Amato, Ryan Cain, Catie Rutledge, Jennifer Barr, Nina Ham, Anna Orcutt-Jahns, Heidi Schaaf, Jennika Bastian, Amy Cannestra, Dominique Haller, & Shannon Slaight-Brown
exploring themes of sexuality in contemporary life, with a focus on human form and anatomy.

Gallery hours:

Tues. 12:00-4:00pm
Wens. 12:00-4:30pm
Thurs. 12:00-4:30pm
Fri. 10:00am-4:00pm

Closing Reception with the Artists Saturday May 17, 6-9pm

 A BFA Student at UW-Madison Libby Rosa focuses on the female form. She finds because she is a woman it is what she is most familiar with. Women figure studies are the protagonists for her  works that explore the theme of private verses public actions in our society. The actions that an individual participates in, in their walls of their home, differs immensely from how someone acts when all eyes can see them… The obscurity of norms and societal standards of what is acceptable to be ‘shown-openly’ such-as nudity, and sex is apparent in her latest works. She uses fabrics, and skin like canvas sewn together to allude to skin and clothing that hides our bodies to make us ‘appropriate’ or inappropriate. The gestural half naked figures’ poses and expressions represent intimacy, bodily lust, confusion and uncomfortably with the viewer seeing them.
Wide Open Libby Rose has collaborated with four other Madison artists exploring similar themes.



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