MORTGAGES – A Poetry Reading – Thursday May 29th, 7:30pm




Come prepared for our first ever Mortgages poetry reading at Bright Red Studios. SIX READERS. ONLY ONE WILL SURVIVE. (Just kidding. But srsly, you might wanna prepare yourself for all the poems flying into yr face.)

We’ll start things off around 7:30, and in the middle we’ll have a cute lil break so you can take in what you’ve just heard.


ASHLEY WILKINSON: a lunar sigh who’d wear a short skirt to your funeral. Her words are the kind of carnage you can’t recover from. She likes it that way.

VICTORIA VLISIDES: not only are her initals VV, which you have to admit is pretty cool, Victoria’s poems are some beautiful magic masquerading as supernatural forces. You’ll feel them before you hear them.

NATHAN REID: a protostar reacting to a shift in the sun, Nathan is also a poet and spoken word artist currently residing in Madison, Wisconsin. His work has appeared in the Penguin Review, the Fox Cry Review, The Binnacle, TeenInk, as well as other journals. He is also a former Senior Editor for UW-Oshkosh’s Wisconsin Review. You may have seen him most recently as a guest performer for Kyle J. Krueger’s “HOME: A Group Art Exhibition” or at Blest Clothing Company’s Spring fashion show, “Respect the Rebellion,” both in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Spoken word is Nathan’s newest undertaking as a poet, and he can’t wait for all the exciting experiences to be had, the great people to be met, and the poems to be discovered! (

SASHA DEBEVEC MCKENNEY: a queen of thermonuclear poetry. Be warned of her ability to turn crowds molten.

MOLLIE MARTIN: in an ongoing quest to be increasingly badass, Mollie has landed in the charmingly awkward part of the spectrum. She’s taken to writing about bathtubs and driving. Get over it.

DAIQUIRI JONES: as only a man who crosses a country for love can do, Daiquiri will make sure his cosmic sounds illuminate all of the feelings you never knew you had.



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