A Note from the Owner

Hi there!

My name is Evan Bradbury and I would like to introduce you to my dream come true.  On August 4th of 2012 I will be opening the doors to Bright Red Studios.
For as long as I can remember, I have loved making a mess.  Like many Madisonians, I was introduced to, and promptly addicted to, art and music at a very young age.  I was born to an unbelievably loving and supportive family of, well, non-artists.  I was told that with a little effort and time, I could be and do anything I wanted.

When I was about three, my folks took me to the nutcracker.  I subsequently spent months prancing around the house acting and dancing out my favorite scenes and songs.  When I became old enough to try out, with a little push from my parents, I tried out for A Christmas Carol with the Children’s Theater of Madison.  Between the ages of eight and sixteen I was fortunate enough to participate in over twenty productions with CTM on stage and countless more behind the scenes working on lights and stage crew.

Around six years old, my dad took me to my first Badger basketball game.  Decked out in red, amidst the cheers and screams and excitement of the fans around me, I spent the entire game completely entranced by the drum section of the band.  I left the game that night unaware of the score, (or still to .this day, most of the rules of the game) but drumming on the back of my dads car seat, and my lap and the dinner table, and my desk at school etc. What would start as a snare drum and a few lessons at the old Drums-N-Moore became a massive set of my own and countless unforgettable memories with bands at Sherman Middle School, and then East High School, and then on my own with musically inclined friends.

Then came the pencil.  I thank Maurice Sendak, Shel Silverstein, Bill Watterson and most importantly, my mother, for my introduction to drawing and ultimately painting.  Every night as a child my mom would read these and other artistic and poetic masterpieces to me. Even before I was able to read them myself, I was drawing monsters. At times art became so much of an addiction that it would get me in trouble.  It would rob me of sleep and focus, I would cover my desks, my bedroom walls, my textbooks, notebooks, and anything that would accept ink or graphite.  Eventually, my parents started buying me sketch books and accepting that the only way this was ever going to be enjoyable for them or anyone else was to let me practice.  And so practice I did.

Unfortunately, to find real focus and development in this field, I had to leave Wisconsin.  Three years ago, I moved to NYC to study at the Art Students League of NY and the National Academy of Design.  I must admit now, that at the time I could have RUN from Madison to these beautiful old artistic sanctuaries. Maybe it was the smell that finally did it, or perhaps in was the cost of milk but I gladly left NY after 2 years and returned to my home and love, Madison. I hunted for a place to experience the same level of artistic exploration and challenge that I had found in New York City and quickly discovered that it was going to be a feat to even find a place to paint.  That is why I am creating Bright Red Studios, I look forward to what we can create together.

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