Bright Red Studios, located at 9 Ingersoll Street in Madison, Wisconsin, is an enterprise of Evan Bradbury, an artist residing in Madison. The project began at the end of May 2012 and opened it’s doors on August 11, 2012.

Bright Red Studios is here to promise you that with a little effort and time, we can make this city anything we want it to be. Bright Red Studios is the result of hard work and the love and hunger of Madisonians who agree with the mission. We know first hand that Madison is full or art and artists. Let BRS be your canvas, your stage, your microphone.

BRS offers;  private and communal studio space, gallery shows of all sizes and types, music and performance space, and a diving board for adventurous Wisconsinites looking to jump in and splash around in the arts. Contact BRS through these links, we wait patiently for your weird and beautiful voice.


Evan Bradbury            Owner, Head Curator, Artist

Terrance Adeyanju    Graphic Designer, Associate Curator,  Artist

Jen L. Ahlstrom           Social Media Marketing, Associate Curator, Artist

This wonderfully produced video by Hunter Herm of Madison is an introduction to the Bright Red Studios Space and it’s owner Evan Bradbury. The video includes Eilish Connor, Lydia Roussos, Terrance Adeyanjou, Noah Macdonald and Evan Bradbury preparing and hanging of Noah MacDonald’s show, an interview with Evan about the studios, and footage of the opening of Noah’s Show on December 15. We hope that this gives anyone who hasn’t had a chance to visit the space a good idea of what is happening and what will be in store!


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