Past Events

Anniversary Show June 29, 2013:

Featuring Evan Bradbury and Stephanie Rogers, Photos can be found here


Gallery Night May 3:

Find photos here:

Music by:

Holy Sheboygan

Art By:

Chris Dorn, George Zeigler, Lawton Hall, Blue Hill by Hand, Bala Thaigarajan, Paul Smith.


Eilish Connor : New Years Eve 2012

Photos Available Here


Noah Gunderson, David Ramirez featuring Small Houses: November 9,2012

Gallery Night October 5, 2012

Photos Available Here


Grand Opening event August 11, 2012

Photos can be found on facebook
If you missed the show, see submitted artwork download the attached checklist here –>. BRS-1

Artists names and websites are listed below

Katherine Arneson

Caitlin Crowley   (

Ember Donecker

Larry Frank

Lydia Gantert

Aaron Gilmore

Don Gruenweller

Eric Hazeltine

Jenny King

Rachel Konsella   ( )

Hannah Lee   (

Noah MacDonald   (

Brian Murer  (

Mary Niec

Bala Thiagarajan  (

George Ziegler

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