Studio Space and Show Space

Bright Red Studios offers several space options including artist studios and gallery show space.

Artist Studio SpacesTwo private studios measuring 150 sq ft for $225/month  (Note: All Artist Studios are currently rented).

Bright Red Studios Gallery Space

Artists & Musicians can independently rent the gallery space and show & sell their work without commission. Bright Red Studios rental cost is competitive with other spaces in the Madison area.  Rental costs vary based on the time and length of event, as well as any other needs/services you may require.  Bright Red Studios can offer assistance in installation, gallery & reception staffing, in-house graphic design & marketing.  To be considered please submit via email a sample of your work or link to your website, a brief artists statement/proposal & your date(s) of interest.  We’re open to anything . . . .  no, really, anything.

Interested in playing a reception?  Putting together your own show? Let us know what type of music you play and when you would like to play it. Often we like to accompany art shows with music, but bands and musicians are welcome to rent the space for their own shows as well! Come one come all!
Contact us with your interests or any questions you may have.


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