(Madison) in Flux – Recent works by Victor Castro

Bright Red Studios & USgathering presents: (Madison) in Flux Recent works by Victor Castro Saturday 26 of October from 11:00 am to 11pm * Bright Red Studios * 9 N. Ingersoll * Madison WI * (Madison) in Flux features the first year of works developed in the city of Madison, Wisconsin by Mexican sculptor Victor … Continue reading

Grand Opening Success

     Thank you to everyone that came to our Grand Opening and stopped in to see the artwork the next day! Your participation was greatly appreciated and the night was one to remember. Photos are posted on the facebook page now, and a checklist of all of the artist works will be posted here shortly. … Continue reading

Announcing the Artists for Saturday’s Grand Opening Show

Say hello to the artist exhibiting at this weekends show! Come and enjoy their work, as well as music, food and drink this saturday 6:30-11:30 at Bright Red Studios!   Katherine Arneson Caitlin Crowley   (http://www.bluecanvas.com/crowleycr/) Ember Donecker Lydia Gantert Aaron Gilmore Don Gruenweller Eric Hazeltine Jenny King Rachel Konsella   (http://rachelkonsella.yolasite.com/ ) Hannah Lee   (www.heyhannahlee.com) Noah … Continue reading

Poster for August 11 Event

Poster for August 11 Event

Design by Terrance Adeyanju

(disregard date on poster)


Number One:  The date of the GRAND OPENING has CHANGED to AUGUST 11. Unforseen building needs have arisen and the opening date has to be pushed back. The good news is that leaves more time for artists to submit their work and the show can be as diverse and representative of our city as possible! … Continue reading